Our values

Our Values

At Luck Stone, our values are the principles of the way we operate our businesses. From the way we work internally each day, to the relationships we foster with our customers and communities, we are guided by four core values.


Takes personal responsibility for the success of self, others, and the organization

  • Model safety, health, and environmental stewardship
  • Do what it takes
  • Pursue excellence
  • Celebrate success


Delivers ideas and innovation that add value

  • Be curious
  • Learn new skills
  • Be open to change
  • Explore and experiment


Earns the trust and respect of others

  • Be honest
  • Do what you say
  • Hold self and others accountable
  • Give and receive feedback


Ignites human potential and performance

  • Value diversity and differences
  • Develop self and others
  • Inspire confidence and optimism
  • Confront issues
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We offer more than 75 crushed stone products available in a variety of colors, sizes, and gradations.

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Product Terminology 

Products are organized by open graded, dense graded, and fines. Open graded aggregate is permeable and contains void space for drainage. Dense graded aggregate is a combination of coarse aggregate and fines for compaction.

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Open Graded Aggregate

These versatile stones are perfect for a variety of commercial and residential uses, including use as an asphalt course base mix, touch-up for stone driveways, or use in ready-mix concrete. Other applications include septic fields, bedding for large pipes, filter stone, dry wells, concrete slab bedding, and residential drainage.

Dense Graded Aggregate

Commonly used as sub base and base for highways, roads, driveways and parking lots. Suitable as select backfill, road shoulder material, and under concrete curbs and gutters. Varying in size from a fine powder to about an inch. These grades get best results when compacted in place.

Fine Aggregate

Finely graded for use in pathways and walkways as well as tennis courts, bicycle trails, horse rings, stables and barns. Can also be used for ice and snow traction grit, backfill for underground cable and storage tank bedding. Popular in concrete production, asphalt mixes, drainage and filter media, horse rings, and blotting stone.

Large Open Graded Aggregate

Our larger grade stones are excellent for use around construction sites, especially in erosion control, new driveway bedding, stabilizing parking areas, and choking and bridging in muddy areas. They are also an effective filter stone for sewage plant clarifiers, railroad ballast, and landscaping and architectural stone.

Extra Large Open Graded Aggregate

Gabion and riprap provide superior erosion control, as well as control of stream flow and fill for low areas.

Luck Ecosystems 

Luck Ecosystems, our environmentally-focused business, produces custom-engineered blended soils and riprap for environmental and recreational purposes.

Product Estimates 

Our product calculator is for general use only and should not be used for exact quantities. For specific calculations please see our technical data sheet here or contact your local contractor.

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Estimate the product needed for your project

1. Measure the area


2. Estimate needed depth

  • * Use an independent contractor for specific project requirements
  • * Note product estimates vary, such as natural sand or limestone
Delivery Options 

Luck Stone uses trusted third party contract haulers to deliver the right product, at the right time, and at the right place. Please contact us for your specific delivery needs and see below for details on how our delivery process works.

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What to Expect

Large Dump Truck
Delivery Time

Large Dump Truck

Did you know a dump truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds loaded (that's almost 5 elephants!) and is as big as a school bus! Our contract haulers are experienced in navigating tight spaces but be aware they can't always accommodate every delivery location due to site constraints.

Delivery Time

Getting your stone at the right time is important. Luck Stone does everything possible to get your load delivered at the right time and the right place. However, delays can happen due to weather and unforeseen challenges. Please call several days in advance to schedule your delivery.


Luck Stone only guarantees delivery to the curbside and dumping in large stockpiles. Anything beyond that is up to the discretion of the driver and depends on the condition of the site. Remember, dump trucks are extremely large and safety is very important for both the driver and you.


Luck Stone contract haulers do offer some spreading services but availability varies depending on the Luck Stone location. Spreading is also up to the discretion of the hauler and is not guaranteed. It is preferred to have someone available on site for spreading. Raking and finishing may be required. Please call our customer service experts so we may better understand your spreading needs.

Be Prepared to be asked

Powerlines and Trees
Muddy or swampy areas
Underground infrastructure
Site Contact information

Powerlines and Trees

Powerlines and Trees

Dump trucks are not only extremely heavy but very tall when their beds are raised. In fact, when fully elevated truck beds can be as tall as a two story building. Please note any trees, powerlines, or obstructions at your delivery location before calling. This information will help us ensure you have a successful delivery experience.

Muddy or swampy areas

Muddy or Swampy areas

Inspecting the site condition is critical to safely receiving your stone. Please be prepared to tell us about the ground condition including any soft or wet areas. It is especially important to note if the ground does not already have any pre-existing foundation or if the area is muddy due to a recent storm. Please notify us if site conditions change on the day of your delivery.

Underground infrastructure

Underground Infrastructure

Underground pipes and utilities can be damaged by a fully loader dump truck. Note any underground infrastructure that is at risk before placing your order. Luck Stone does not consult on infrastructure risks or site hazards.

Site Contact Information

When placing your order be prepared with a reliable site contact that will be available at the time of delivery and is familiar with the delivery location. If a site contact is not available at the time of delivery, we will deliver your material but it is highly recommended to have someone available if the driver has any questions or concerns.


How much is a ton of stone?

One ton of stone should roughly fill a bath tub.

What happens if the truck gets stuck?

You are responsible for any charges due to site conditions not communicated before your delivery.

Do you offer various truck sizes?

Sizes vary by location. Please call for specific truck size requests.

What is the smallest load of stone that you will deliver?

Typically 5 tons is the minimal tonnage required for delivery.

Is there a fee for spreading?

Additional charges may apply for spreading. Please call for more information.

Can I pay with a credit card, cash, or check?

We accept cash or check upon delivery and take credit card at the time of order.