Environmental Stewardship

At Luck Stone we believe in doing right by our neighbors, our community and the land; now and for generations to come.  With our company’s core values of integrity, commitment, leadership and creativity, we have built a successful, sustainable business that strives to improve all aspects of the environment.  By using leading restorative practices that go far beyond basic compliance, we take a long-term view and comprehensive planning approach to our future. 

Environmental Management System

Environmental stewardship has always been a core part of our business at Luck Stone.  We take great pride in our efforts, and the resulting benefits to the communities in which we operate.  In the spirit of continuous improvement increasing environmental performance, Luck Stone has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS). 

Our Environmental Goals:

-Increase Community Education and Outreach on Environmental Issues

-Enhance our Recycling Programs and Initiatives

-Further Reduce Dust Emissions from our Process Areas

-Improve Discharge Water Quality

As a result of our EMS efforts, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has recognized Luck Stone as an Environmental Enterprise (E2) in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program. 


Luck Stone engages in a number of innovative programs and practices to ensure our continuous improvement in Environmental Stewardship.  We sponsor multiple environmental initiatives in our regions including the James River Clean-Up, and constructing a “sturgeon reef” in partnership with VCU and the James River Association, to provide habitat for the endangered Atlantic Sturgeon.  We also support the Elizabeth River Project and their creation of the Learning Barge—a floating classroom that explores the Elizabeth River while focusing attention on water quality and wetlands in the Hampton Roads area.